BIG Prävention (BIG Prevention)

How does BIG Prävention contribute?

With our extensive programme we continuously strive to achieve the following objectives: 

Children will get support on how to live their friendships and (later) relationships in a fair and peaceful way. They are motivated to speak openly about (domestic) violence. They learn about their rights to protection and help. They also learn how and where to get help for themselves and their friends in stressful or dangerous situations.

Furthermore we raise awareness among Parents on what domestic violence means and how it can affect children. Parents that are affected by domestic violence will get support to access the help system.

Teachers and other professionals working in schools learn about children and domestic violence. Through case studies they will gain confidence and knowledge on how to support abused women and their children.

In our trainings we focus on a guideline published by the (former) Berlin Senate, Department for Education, Science and Research, that describes the necessary cooperation between schools and youth welfare agencies in the field of child protection (“Bildung für Berlin. Zusammenarbeit zwischen Schule und bezirklichem Jugendamt im Kinderschutz”).

Furthermore BIG Prävention supports cooperation between schools and youth welfare services in cases of domestic violence.