BIG Prävention (BIG Prevention)

Why BIG Prävention?

Every fourth women in German has experienced domestic violence. Children that experience domestic violence are also always and inevitably affected: They become witnesses or direct victims of the violence. 

This often leads to severe consequences. Many children can have difficulties to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. They may suffer from fears and/or sleep disorders, have problems with concentration, show a decline in school performance, show increased aggressiveness, find themselves isolated, are depressed, etc.

Experiencing violence during their childhood and youth will affect their relationship behaviour as adults. This means: the cycle of violence often continues from generation to generation.

BIG Prevention was founded by the Berlin initiative against violence towards women (BIG e.V.) to break the cycle of violence. For the first time, a concept focused on prevention education against domestic violence in primary schools. From 2006 until 2008 BIG Prevention was carried out as a nationwide model project.

The two year scientific monitoring and evaluation approved the concept and the practical work.

Today BIG Prevention works in all of Berlin. The demand is consistently high.